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          Guizhou Colorful Guizhou City Construction & Management Co.,Ltd.
                The Colorful Town of Guizhou (Guizhou Colorful Guizhou City Construction & Management Co.,Ltd.) is located at the core area of the Guizhou Shuanglong Airport Economic Zone in the east of the city of Guiyang (the capital of Guizhou Province ), adjacent to Guiyang Longdongbao International Airport and the East Coach Station. The project, with an investment of 42 billion yuan, covering about 5.13 million square meters of floor space and 7.5 million square meters of building area, consists of 23 main types of business operated in four functional parts, [namely cultural embodiment (displaying colorful culture of minority ethnic groups), tourism hub (serving as a major tourism destination of Guizhou), resort center (serving as the parlor of Guiyang) as well as economic service (performing as a comprehensive economic zone relying on the airport) ].
                 Co-developed by Guizhou Industrial Investment Group, Guizhou Fengrui Investment Co.,Ltd and Guizhou Guangda Energy Sources Development Co.,Ltd with the support of world’s leading planning and designing companies such as Atkins in Britain and UI in America, the project is a large cultural and tourism center, providing tourists with food、hotel、transportation、 travel、 shopping and entertainment as well as opportunities for experiencing culture、seeking inner peace、watching exhibitions、preserving health and conducting research.
                With the strategic goal of becoming the window and center of tourism of Guizhou, the colorful Town of Guizhou is committed to speeding up the development of tourism and cultural industry of Guizhou by making efforts to become an attractive tourism destination and resort center renowned in China. The whole project is designed to become the tourism hub of Guizhou and the parlor of Guiyang in line with the core principle of development as “realizing the industrialization of culture as well as the culturalization of industry”. The Colorful Town of Guizhou has been awarded as a ”State-Level Cultural Industry Demonstration Base”and one of the “Ten Key Projects of Culture and Tourism in Guizhou”, as well as included in the catalogue of tourism destinations of the list of “Five 100 Projects”¹ of Guizhou”, and the “Double 100”² key projects of city complex.
                 Currently, subprojects such as the Culture Center, 1958 Cultural Creative Park, Guizhou Intangible Cultural Experience Center, Tai Chi Village, Polar Ocean World and the Festival Street have been finished and put into use, while others are still under construction.
                 The Colorful Town of Guizhou has drawn much attention and gained great support from leaders of relative departments of Guizhou Province and Guiyang City since its launch. Chen Min' er , the former Secretary of Guizhou Province and the Director General of Standing Committee of Provincial People’s Congress, visited the Colorful Town of Guizhou and emphasized that this project is an important window to present Guizhou to the world and it possesses special significance for the tourism development of the province. Chen also stated that the Colorful Town of Guizhou should ride on the momentum to make more progress by combining the central and distributed resources, complementing among different sectors and taking geographical advantages under the guideline of creating a renowned brand with various elements. Besides, efforts should be offered to make this project the window and important functional center of tourism in the province as soon as possible for highlighting the characteristics and culture of Guizhou.
          ¹. “Five 100 Projects” is a construction plan of Guizhou Province, namely the construction of 100 industrial parks, 100 effective agricultural demonstration parks, 100 tourism spots, 100 demonstration towns and 100 city complexes.
          ².“Double 100 ” is project of 100 tourist attractions and 100 urban complex of Guizhou province.
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